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Day five, day six, day SEVEN of Not Buying? Yes, it’s here already. I started the moment I finished shopping on Boxing Day.

The little shopaholic in me even tried to convince myself that it would be OK to buy something online from Amazon.com or LipstickRepublic.com in the Boxing Day sales as they were extended or based in the USA so it “didn’t count”… thankfully the rest of my brain was already switched on to saying NO to that deviousness!

I started on the Boxing Day sales because I found that this way I have had my little splurge and then ending on Boxing Day means that if there is anything I had been holding out on buying that I actually needed but wanted a better price on, I can hopefully find it there (i.e. new black flat shoes which I thrash daily at work, or black t shirts which I again wear daily at my job) at a discount meaning I won’t be spending a heap on the necessities at the end of the No Buy Year. If that makes sense.

Anywho. Back to work tomorrow! Yay for earning money again – and actually being able to test out the No Buy year… so far almost every day I’ve been on No Buy I’ve played visitor to a shopping centre of some sort – due to Mum or Adam having errands to run – but I haven’t bought anything there!

What I got from Boxing Day sales (minus any clothing or swimsuit purchases):Image


Hope you all had a fantastic holiday season! Here’s to a great year of 2013…