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As I’m doing research for how exactly I should go about the No Buy Year of 2013, I’ve found that there are a LOT of like-minded people out there. People who, like me, have previously been beauty junkies (some to a greater or lesser extent than others, of course) and are now wanting to just… have a better life I guess?

Less stuff, less stress – this is the wording of @pinksofoxy (YouTuber)
Goo-hoarding – genius words from Chels (blogger)
Life in Balance with Jessica (blogger)
Join in Reese’s Project Life Overhaul (blogger)

I am the type of person that is more likely to go to the gym when a friend is meeting me there! It makes sense that I am suddenly more enthusiastic about my No-Buy Year when I can read and see how others are doing similar things. It’s inspiring! So inspiring!

I’ve decided, that in preparation for 2013 being the No-Buy Year, I will be writing everything down that I spend my money on – I even bought a little blue Typo notebook for keeping in my bag for this to remind me to write every cent down!

In the meantime, there’s only FIVE weeks left until the end of 2012 The Year of Buying (or so I have dubbed it), and therefore the beginning of 2013 the No-Buy Year. I am open to all ideas and brainstorming for “rules and guidelines” so please do feel free to comment below!

Or better yet, feel free to join me!