1. Lose 16 kg’s and maintain the weight loss whilst being fit and healthy through a combination of regular exercise, social classes and walks, and many clean eating meals!
  2. Read and log or review 100 books or stories (as I read a large number of fanfic’s that are over 60,000 words in length) – I read a LOT but never seem to be able to remember what’s next or exactly how many things I’ve read. On a similar note, I’d like to keep track of what movies I’m watching and what TV shows I follow or have seen.
  3. Blog here at least twice a week on a schedule – and film at least one YouTube video a month (this makes it hopefully an easier goal to achieve as all I need to do is film an Empties/Favorites video every month!) whilst continuing to “network” with like-minded individuals. I’d also like to incorporate “regular” themes into my blogging such as “Manic Monday” or “Friday Favourites” type posts.
  4. Write a full and detailed Bucket List of things I’d like to complete before I turn 30! (I turn 24 two day’s before Valentine’s Day in 2014.)
  5. Don’t upgrade my mobile phone or tablet until March 2015! [Barring lost or stolen, ruined or faulty devices, this should be just a matter of willpower… eek!] I seem to constantly be on the lookout for the greatest and latest technology upgrades – this needs to stop!
  6. Make this a “No-Buy Year” and cut down on my cosmetic consumerism and shopaholic tendencies. More details to come on what this entails.
  7. Complete my BioSculpture Gel Nail course and become an accredited nail technician.
  8. Do a complete and utter digital de-clutter. Basically, go as paperless as possible.
  9. Pay for and plan an overseas cruise to go on in 2014.
  10. Venture into red-headed goodness (think Kaylee DeFer when she first appeared on Gossip Girl with a bit of ginger-nut happening up top).
  11. Complete at least one Instagram photo-a-day challenge! Follow me HERE.
  12. Reach some kind of Royal status with selling Senegence makeup.
  13. SAVE money!
  14. Pay off as much of my debt as possible using 36% of my income.

Now, I am needing to set up some guidelines, put in place a reward system and a buffer of some sort to avoid an obvious “crash and burn” situation. All help would be much appreciated!