Next year, I’m not going to spend up big. I’m going to create a savings account, pay off my car loan, and work on being a more frugal version of me. Currently I’m borderline obsessive compulsive shopaholic, I’m certain I’ll need rehab soon if I don’t take this seemingly “drastic” measure to stop spending.

I’ve been doing my research, and I know that there will be a few changes – some to do with my entertainment expenses and level of fitness, and I’ll most definitely be putting in place a total “No Buy” on makeup and cosmetic products. I want to be completely honest in this set-up, I’m not going to be trying to kid myself that it will be one of the harder challenges I’ve put to myself. I’m hoping I don’t crack 49 days in (my birthday) and find all sorts of excuses for a splurge on anything I can find.

I’m hoping that some people will want to do something similar with me – it’s kind of like a big Project Pan, Shop Your Stash, and save for Europe plan; all in one deal.

I’ll be doing this from Boxing Day 2012 to Boxing Day 2013 – the idea being that I’ll stop spending this year as of midnight after Christmas Day, then be able to see how a year of no spending frivolously affects me for Boxing Day sales in 2013. That’s if we’re all still here after the world ends this year ;-)…

I believe anything is possible if you put your whole into it. I’m looking forward to it! Bring on library book borrowing instead of buying books on kobo constantly, using the items I already have, swapping instead of buying new, and SAVING money instead of spending it.

Any takers?