I buy a lot of things online from overseas. There are contributing factors to this decision, the main ones being:

1) I live in Australia. Everythingisexpensiveland.
2) Parcels are fun! It’s like your birthday or Christmas, every day!
3) It’s easier. I don’t have to get out of my PJ’s or do it during everyone else’s business hours. Which, let’s face it, a midnight shopping spree is better than a midnight binge, right?

Items that I’ve bought overseas are:
* Method cleaning products
* makeup
* scarves and shoes
* pajamas
* presents for family and friends
* phone cases
* nail polish
* stationary
* house and home materials (such as bed linen and cushions)
* jewellery
* & the list goes on…

My friend here in my town recently begged me to tell her my secret of buying everything for so cheap, I caved so easily let me tell you, I was super keen to tell her about the shipping service I use and how Paypal works with a LOT of websites as well.

So as I was telling her all about this, I thought maybe others would like to share their online buys – and that maybe I should share mine too. I absolutely adore taking advantage of the MUCH cheaper makeup blog sales that are available on US beauty blogs as opposed to buying an item full priced and brand new (I sanitize before using the used goods, of
course).Please feel free to comment below with your tips or hauls!

Basically, I use a service called Ship It To. I pay $10 a month for a virtual mailbox service and then once my parcel arrives, I pay another $1 or two to get a photo of my goodies (so I can check that they’re all there – I recommend this strongly as this way you know nothing is missing while it is still able to be sent back to the supplier). When all of my parcels for the meantime are in the one place (I choose the warehouse in Torrrance, California) it is then another one off cost of $8.50 to combine them all, I actually think they’re about to make it free for a photo of the combined parcels too. Stay tuned.

From there, it’s a simple matter of waiting approximately 5 – 24 hours for a confirmation that your order is ready, check over the customs forms, and choose who you’re going to send it through – I much prefer DHL Express as they do take only 3 or 4 business days to my more rural location. Sometimes they do pass it on to Australia Post but it’s not always something I mind, as I know I’m saving HEAPS by doing this and they are quicker than USPS or another provider.

So that’s how it’s done.

At the moment, I have a number of orders getting sent to my US shipping address and my favourite place for buying makeup is currently soap.com or nordstrom.com

Places like Illamasqua have recently dropped their prices but I still don’t see any reason to cancel my ship it to account until the Australian market gets their act together. I know we could argue that I’m not really helping the Australian economy, however please keep in mind that I DO make a large number of purchases, and high dollar value purchases too, on
Australian websites and in Australian stores.

I just find shopping online more convenient and less of a guilt-inducing buying situation (pushy SA’s, anyone?) as some can well understand.

I’d love to hear about other people’s favorite places to buy online, so please do share with me 😉 and if you’re a first time visitor or have a blog yourself – please comment below so I can follow you too!

Til next time…


PS Anyone know how I can change my font to Courier New?