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  1. So much has been happening and then a whole lot of nothing lately.
  2. Numbered lists make me feel a lot more organised.
  3. We got all of the 990 official photos back from the wedding photographer last Wednesday. Got around to viewing them over a 2 hour period on Sunday night.
  4. My favorite one is Adam after he sees me for the first time. So much emotion.
  5. I’ve read something like twelve books since the big day.
  6. We’ve now got all our bedroom furniture – bedside tables x 2, bedhead, king bed ensemble, dresser, cupboards x 2, TV. All that remains is to renovate the room.
  7. The toilet cubicle was the first thing to get properly painted and it is a bright “Golden Marguerite” yellow. We’ll have Marvel wallpaper on the inner wall also. I love it. It’s a very cheerful color and the whole laundry will eventually be painted the same.
  8. I got my drivers license and medicare cards back – the new Mrs McNichol name and all threw me for a hot minute when I was opening the mail.
  9. We’re finally on to season 4 of Friday Night Lights. It’s nice to have a show that’s “ours” to watch together.
  10. I am stupidly putting off filing for my tax return due to the amount of paperwork I first have to swim through and sort into my new filing cabinet. Even though there is an important receipt I will also need among that mess also. Ugh. Who else hates paperwork?
  11. I am running out of space regularly in my Google Drive so I’m using Google Takeout to download a heap of it and put it on my hard drive. Paying $15/month for storage seems pointless when it’s all online but not accessed regularly.
  12. Six months til my 27th birthday, it seems unreal.
  13. I have basically nailed down my travel skincare packing. GO ME!
  14. But I don’t want to travel now for months. I just wanna stay home and be homey.
  15. Loving Spotify Premium, Netflix, and Snapchat. Hooray internet life.
  16. I cleaned out my closet with a friend from the fashion department at work, and now I have a list of things my closet needs:
    1. Black skinny jeans
    2. Playsuit
    3. Plain coloured tees
    4. Tights
    5. Bumster super skinny riders #550226 jeans
    6. White shorts
    7. Black shorts
    8. Replace current pair of khaki shorts (WAY too big for me)
  17. Oh and we went to Eat Street Markets this weekend just gone as well as a Broncos game. Gaytime milky bun, steamed BBQ pork bun, Poulet & Porc pork belly (THE BEST) and zucchini chips, Potato Slinky, 1L Aztec Blood iced tea, organic ginger beer, oysters, funnel cake, Patacon Palace plaintain chips. Basically all the noms. Also we ate at Anouk in Paddington for breakfast one morning and it was AMAZING. District__1 on Ann Street was also sensationally tasty – cinnamon sweet potato fries.
  18. Okay, I’m gonna go do some chores now.
  19. What’s new with you all?

Last week…


Photo from my yard this morning.

– I worked Mother’s day weekend and lived
– I worked the most efficientscan count to date
– My partner made absolutely phenomenal buffalo wings from scratch
– I dropped to 77.45kgs the lightest I’ve ever been
– I used up my YSL Touche Eclat pen and made the decision not to get another one for ages because they’re just so damn expensive
– My skin started freaking out
– Possibly from eating quite a lot of crap such as Potato Sabers and old fashioned USA pretzels and sherbet with flake soft serve ice cream cones at the drag meet
– We spent 12 hours at the drag strip and it didn’t rain badly enough to stop the meet
– I read: Waterfall, The Confessions of a Once Fashionable Mum, Psychos by Babe Walker, Yes Please, and am now reading Kaleidoscope  (a collection of short YA stories)
– I perfected my iced tea home brew
– Still listening to Crazy Rich Asians in my BorrowBox app
– I discovered the awesome that is The Starkillers Cycle and immediately hauled at the library the Dennard ladies books
– Started whitening my teeth with the Philips Zoom NiteWhite kit my dentist gave me
– Observed my partner having the flu
– Removed all wedding stuff from the bedroom so that it wasn’t glaring at me in the face all the time
– Solved the drama of who was going to do our wedding makeup
– Started a very rough plan of house stuff
– Didn’t do any washing whatsoever
– Discovered BOSE
– Cursed Telstra for slow internet as we couldn’t use Netflix
– Finally finished my Origins 10 minute problem skin face mask
– Started using my Soap and Glory Flake Away scrub and delighting in its peach scent
– Got sick of hearing the Pitch Perfect 2 song “When Tomorrow Comes”
– Started wondering when the next “Tomorrow When The War Began” movie will come out
– Considered going to another solo movie… this time “A Royal Night Out”
– Started a new habit of putting my work outfit together the night before
– Ate two pieces of vanilla slice
– Count down currently to wedding: 41 days

APRIL 2015

1. Play – I realized I’ve seen five movies in the past month – Avengers Age of Ultron, The Age of Adaline, The DUFF, Fast & Furious 7, and Home. Only one of those was with A – and that was with our friends, one was solo, and that means that’s three social outings to the cinemas that I attended. I cannot wait until we have the house to ourselves, because when A is away I’ll be able to invite people over for viewings here at home now we have Netflix, and to just chill and have dinner. It also means my friends that have kids can bring them over to play on the swing, whereas currently I just go sit on their couch every now and then. I also just (the morning of 2nd May, but shhhh!) got hooked on Sim City Build It app on my phone. I’m not normally one for games on phones, but this one had me playing until the wee hours of the morning. Oops…

2. Buying – I had to go through my receipts for April 2015 yesterday (I use a BasixTwo calender to file everything paperwork affiliated for the month, then just pop them in a box to go through later) looking for something, and here I was patting myself on the back for not spending very much this month, when I realized the amount of completely unnecessary spending that happened. We have the wedding NEXT month, so some of the buying was definitely “necessary” in that regard, but I’ve semi put myself on a ban.

3. Wearing – $7 fleecy grey sweatpants from KMart (make sure you wash these fluff monsters in a lingerie bag though), “SORRY I’M LATE” shirt in a XXXL style nightie.

4. Beauty note – Using Alpha H Liquid Gold like it’s going out of fashion, and my Origins 10 Minute Troubled Skin mask errrryday.

5. Little luxuries –we’ve been eating out and BADLY a lot lately, as well as all the naughty food at home that’s been brewing. Hitting the snooze button a LOT too.

6. Sparkling – my wedding earrings and wedding bands have arrived! SPARKLY!

7. On my wish list – new work shoes (short black ankle boots), and a new Review knit or LBD for the Hens do in under two months. Also… a copper kettle. A coffee grinder. All things that I have to kind of wait on, until after the nuptials, aside from the boots.

8. Listening to – “Happy” song from the engagement shoot video my aunt did.

9. Watching – lots and lots and lots of YouTube videos. Like, tonnes. Nicole Guerriero. Vivianna Does Makeup. Glam Life Guru (Tati). Hey Claire. Makeup by Tiffany D.

10. At home – We’ve been looking atttttttttttt paint chips, washing machines, full sized fridges, carpets, black out blinds, faucets, bath tubs… plans for lots of small things to happen in the latter half of this year. Having a house is going to be super exciting, especially as I’ve already lived here for three years and he’s lived here his entire life! We already have a good idea of things that will be changing and things we will just leave and not worry about for donkey’s years. Hopeful for a puppy to be in this home too…

NB: post idea from The Mustard Jumper. That girl inspires 😉 even from 2013 posts… what’s your April 2015 stuff?


My fantastic aunt (Sydney-based photographer Nina Beilby Photography) came up for the weekend for our engagement party and also to do an engagement shoot for us.

Beautiful photos resulted.

Her talent and time is so appreciated. If you are in the area, and looking for a photographer for almost any occasion, please check her out. She’s amazing, so fun to work with and a whole lot of talent packed into my favourite aunt!

So happy. So blessed.

February update

2012 and before (1021)

Picture taken by me, an old photo from at my Grandparent’s place, which I visited on Valentine’s weekend.

  1. We had roast duck and vegetables today for Sunday lunch, it was 35 degrees outside. Thankfully now there is a big storm happening/about to happen and it is black skies and huge cooling winds happening, hooray!
  2. Cyclone Marcia missed us but sadly my Mum’s new house in Cooran (south QLD) has been inundated with large amounts of water. She’s refuses to call SES to help her too! G&T’s help her pretend it’s not as bad as it seems, apparently. Sigh, mothers!
  3. I’m reading the Libriomancer series and really enjoying it.
  4. I’ve hooked up my Youtube account to the WDTV again and have been getting through quite a few “watch later”‘s whilst cleaning my room this weekend.
  5. Last weekend I went to Sydney, saw some of my lovely friends and family, ate lots of awesome food, visited Sephora and Mecca, and received TONNES of lingerie at a surprise bridal shower for my birthday dinner. I’m only just managing to unpack now and get all the washing done!! Does anyone know how to get week old faux tan off of white dresses? 😦
  6. It’s beauty loop time at Mecca, woohoo! Come April, I have a feeling I’ll be level 3~~!
  7. My manager is away for three weeks again and I have only a week left of potential jury duty, so thankful that these two things don’t overlap any further!!
  8. Homemade weis bar craving. Please and thank you, partner.
  9. Today is 2430 days that Adam and I have been together… and 126 days until we finally get married! I cannot wait for the engagement period to be over, and I am so glad that we are just doing it straight away, I could not bare to wait longer than 6 months and it feels so right to be doing it on our seven year anniversary of being together.
  10. I went and had my engagement party dress fitting yesterday and one thing I can hint at… SPARKLY! 55 days until I can wear it!
  11. I’ve stopped saving my empties and have just been chucking them out, it is so satisfying! Every now and then I think about filming again but it’s just too much effort when we don’t have our own space.
  12. I’m still hunting for THE wedding fragrance for myself… I just cannot decide!
  13. Fingers crossed we have the house to ourself in the next month to six weeks!! I am going a little cabin fever insane, planning and thinking where furniture is going and imagining how my routine will change… so much exciting stuff happening this year!

What’s new with everyone else?

The Wishlist (Christmas Edition)

Only sixteen sleeps until my favourite day of the year (Christmas Eve) and then one more sleep and it’s Christmas! Oh, and then one more sleep and it’s my most hated day of the year… Boxing Day. Got to love working in retail!

I felt like doing up a wishlist of things I know I’ll just buy for myself one day, but seeing as we are about to be buying our house (eek! So excited!) this will just stay as a wishlist, for now. For the sake of my sanity, I’m not including makeup items nor homewares as I’m sure to go skitz and we’d be here forever.

Christmas Wishlist

Sony NEX6 Camera with lens / Palm Beach Black Rose candle / our Bandog puppy / Sophia Webster shoes

Are you shocked? Just FOUR ITEMS. I wouldn’t even count beautiful puppies as an “item” per say.. but I’d love one with a little red bow under the tree on Christmas morning… Ah, maybe Christmas in July 2015…

What’s on your Christmas wishlist?

Me Time [Tag]

As seen at countless blogs, specifically Jade Musing, and by various Youtubers lately. Image found on Instagram, please let me know if you know who the original belongs to.


What do you watch or read during me-time?
Normally I’ll catch up on YouTube vids I haven’t had a chance to watch yet, but sometimes it’ll be whatever TV show I’ve saved a whole season to watch at the time (lately, Suits). Reading is what’s on my bookshelf, from the library (right now, Heir of Fire by Sarah J Maas). Looking at it like this, I must have a tonne of me-time times.

What do you wear during me-time?
A big t-shirt and sometimes my big baggy Peter Alexander PJ pants.

What are your me-time beauty products?
This changes a bit due to the beauty junkie habit, but: GlamGlow Thirsty Mud face mask, O&M hair masques, lavender essential oil in the bath, Tanda Modern candle.

Current favourite nail polish?
What I wore to the wedding, OPI Samoan Sand.

What do you eat/drink during me-time?
Last night I devoured Aldi Chocolate Covered Thins (they look like mini plain pringles covered in a thin layer of chocolate) but the downside to having only bought one box of them, is that now I don’t have any more. I love having chicken Twisties, or larb Pretz.

Current favourite candle?
Tanda Modern in Vanilla Hazelnut, or Asian Pear Lily. Although I’m lusting after some of the new Glasshouse candles now after a visit to David Jones recently.

Do you ever have outdoors me-time?
Sometimes I’ll take my book outside to sit under the trees but then there’s green ants and sunburn, so not really. That’s the closest I come to it, I think.

Would you ever go see movies alone?
This used to be my guilty pleasure, so yes. However I haven’t gone in a while as my movie buddy friend and I have really only wanted to see the same movies. I also see most of the other movies with my partner. I may go to the movies solo this week.

Favourite online shops?
Haha, I love Jade’s “imaginary shopping” answer. This is so fun to do. However I am a bit in love with really shopping the Mecca website, and do a bit of online Myer shopping too. Next on my online wishlist is an acrylic lipstick carousel or two, and a pro pack of Beauty Blenders.

Anything to add? What else do you do during me-time?
Funnily enough, not really. Normally my proper designated me-time falls on the days when my partner is away and I am on a day off (a few days a month) so I kind of just cram it all in then. Then again, I don’t have kids or a super demanding social life, so me-time can be most of the time! Like right now, blogging is me-time.

Thoughts of the week 17/11


  1. Only five days of my holidays left and then it’s back into crazy season at work!
  2. Photo above is from my sister’s wedding last weekend. Cannot believe she’s married before me, I’m so proud of her and her new husband – the wedding was amazing.
  3. Samsung S6 is going to be my next phone, I’m holding out for it.
  4. Definitely planning a Sydney trip for February (and my 26th, eek!) to go to Sepia restaurant, see more of my family, and visit the new Sephora Australia. I’m thinking a Mecca Masterclass for my party?
  5. I braved the new Macquarie Shopping Centre wing for Uniqlo, only to discover that the puffy jacket I wanted (it folds into a “tiny little bag, like magic”) is only available in their winter line, and a puffy vest alternative I did not have need for. Damn.
  6. After a while of not going to the cinemas, there’s now quite a few that I want to see: Let’s Be Cops, Love Rosie (cute book!), The Best of Me, This Is Where I Leave You, and then the new Hunger Games Mockingjay movie comes out on Friday too.
  7. I am hoping to start filming Youtube again in the new year. Hoping like Santa is real.
  8. I’m looking for blogs like “Young House Love” if anyone has some recommendations. Home-owning time is coming soon (says the Bear) and I’m getting pinning.
  9. Speaking of pinning, and pinnable things, I think I’ve unofficially locked in decisions for one of those big life events in the next year or so. Hooray Mag landed on my doorstep while I was away, also.
  10. I’m absolutely in love with this arm chair, but is $999 (or even $799.20) too much to pay for a computer chair regardless of cost per use arguments?
  11. My tumblr turned six years old today. Time goes fast when you’re using the “Post to Tumblr” extension haha.
  12. I am thinking a LUSH shower gel order is in order, stat. Summer lovin’.
  13. Now that the wedding is over, I’m keen to chop my hair – not sure if I should keep the blonde at the ends in it or not though?
  14. Mecca order incoming. Level 3 now, oops.
  15. Blahblahblahblahblah. My head is so full. I’m gonna go read a book.
  16. Or maybe I should go unpack and clean my room.
  17. Nah, I’m going to go read.

Holiday Prep


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When going on a holiday, I like to be prepared.


In six days time I will be down Sydney way in preparation for my little sister’s wedding (teary, she’s grown up so fast!) in the Hunter Valley. Due to the expense just to go for the weekend, my partner and I are slipping in a three night mini-vacation in the Newcastle region after the wedding, before driving back to Sydney for my grandfather’s 80th birthday celebrations and a sort of family reunion at the party. We will also hit up Sydney’s drag racing spot before leaving. Thank goodness I have five days off when I get home to do the relaxing in – I do not know that I’ll get time when actually away haha! I’m so pleased with how this has worked out as it will be my first holiday in over a year and almost 18 months since holidaying with my partner. We are both super excited for Sydney’s food scene… any recommendations for there or Newcastle, folks?

AnywayAnyway. This isn’t about the food. It’s about the lists. 

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